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Local Opinion on Roe v. Wade

The controversy surrounding Roe v. Wade is continuing after documents were leaked one week ago suggesting that the supreme court would overturn the law. When speaking with local people about the recent Roe v. Wade controversy, opinions of both ends of the spectrum were given.

An individual who recently moved back to Mississippi from California says the state is behind its time.

“I am pro-choice, and I think Mississippi is just very far behind on their times and at some point, changes need to happen. Each individual is different, and it should be left to the individual.”

Other individuals had a different opinion:

“I’m very pro-life. I firmly believe that abortion is murder and I believe life begins with conception and I believe Roe v. Wade needs to be overturned.”

Over the weekend Governor Tate Reeves spoke on the future of abortion in Mississippi. The state has what’s called a “trigger law”, which would immediately ban abortion if Roe v. Wade were overturned.

“Mississippi does have a trigger law in place that was passed in 2007”, stated Governor Reeves. And that trigger law will go into effect should the draft opinion, which obviously has been a bit of a bombshell this entire week from a national conversation and political discussion. But yes, our trigger law will go into effect. It does have an exception for rape. It does have an exception for the life of the mother.”

Resident, Barbara Shields spoke about some of the circumstances that Governor Reeves mentions:

“Government needs to look at the circumstances that the female is under also. Sometimes it could be a life-threatening situation and the child has to be aborted”, explained Sheilds. “Miscarriage is the way that the body takes care of it itself when a child cannot survive outside of the mother’s womb. Hopefully, the government will make the right decision on that being said.”

There has not been a date announced on when the supreme court will make a final ruling in Roe v. Wade.

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