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  • Celeste Smith

Local residents share their thoughts on the developing COVID-19 vaccines

Health officials are still waiting for a much anticipated COVID-19 vaccination to be approved for distribution. this following two vaccine developers, Moderna, and Pfizer, recently announcing that their developing vaccines have shown promising effective rates. Many people shared that they are concerned about receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

In September, the Centers for Disease Control asked state officials to prepare to distribute a potential vaccine for COVID-19, giving guidance hoping to distribute a vaccine before the end of the year. Although a vaccine has yet to be approved for distribution, health officials have announced their hopes to have one available for distribution in late December.

One woman shared that she believes the recent developments in the vaccination to be positive, although she does not plan to get one.

“I think it’s a huge blessing, although I will not be getting a vaccination,” said Cindy McLain.

Another woman shared that she is concerned about experiencing negative effects if she was to receive a vaccination for the coronavirus.

“ I’m very concerned and I won’t be taking it, because I know that with the flu shots, when you take the flus shots you get the flu. So, I feel liked if you take the vaccine for that you automatically get corona,” said Ashanti Green.

One Meridian man said, that although he does not plan to get a COVID-19 vaccination when a vaccine is distributed, he believes a lot of people will choose to get the vaccine.

“I think a lot of people are going to get it, because it might be mandatory for them to get it for jobs or something like that,” said Michael B.

As of now, no vaccination has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration yet, but the Mississippi State Department of Health has already announced a 3 phase plan, on how they plan to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine.

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