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Lottery Players Dream Big

Updated: Jul 25

The Mega Millions has reached $660 million, making it the third largest jackpot in lotto history.

Lottery players are getting their last tickets in before tonight's big drawing that could award over $600 million to a lucky person.

Patricia Easley started her morning off with a win:

"I'm hoping to have won something out of the Mega million or the Match 5 by the Powerball."

A store clerk says she has seen an increase in ticket sales this week.

"One lady bought over 100 dollars' worth of Mega Million tickets", stated the clerk.

Bryant Goode lives out of state but believes he could have a better chance of winning the millions for that reason.

"That's a lot of money! That's all I can say. I'm going to have to call back when I get to Tennessee to see if I won", said Goode.

Like most people, Patricia and Byrant already have plans for what they will do with the millions if they win.

"It would be amazing," explained Patricia. "I could do a lot of things with it. First, I would take a long-needed vacation, donate to the homeless, and pay our Lord Jesus Christ."

"Probably take a vacation, get myself together, and buy another home or a couple of homes. I'll probably give away half of it", stated Goode.

Tonight, a lucky player will win the millions, or the jackpot will continue to grow. Lottery tickets are available to buy until 10 p.m. tonight for the Mega Millions.

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