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  • Keaundria Milloy

Male Empowerment at Magnolia Middle School Wednesday

MERIDIAN, Miss. - Magnolia Middle School hosted a Male Empowerment Session today for students. Students grades 6th-8th were able to engage in Bow tie Wednesday and learn how to properly tie a tie and dress professionally. Once a month, the males come together to discuss words that end in ”SHIP,” such as leadership, worship and championship. Special guests the community helped out during the process.

“One day all these young men are going to be invited to some important meeting and job interview and we want them to be ready," said Assistant Principal Sherrod Miller. "A lot of our students don’t have father figures at home so it’s our responsibility here at the school to teach them.”

Miller says another male empowerment session will be held next month to discuss separating from bad crowds.

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