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Every year, the third Friday of the month of September is recognized in the United States as National POW/MIA Recognition Day which exists to honor all former American Prisoners of War and those still missing today. Today Meridian Community College took the time out to honor those in a short Remembrance Ceremony.

"We want to just take a few moments to bring awareness to our Students, our Faculty, and Staff about the soldiers that have served our country and who have never returned home," said Admissions Director Ashley Tanksley.

Students, Faculty, and Staff took time out of their morning to attend the ceremony to remember those we have lost one Student Recruiter says when she was given the opportunity to take part in the ceremony she couldn’t pass it up.

"We had this opportunity come up to work this event and, you know, pay our respects, but also pass out flag so other people can show their respect and their appreciation for the people that we've lost in war and the people that we don't know what's happened to them. So I think it's a really important day and an important event, and I think it's really a great thing that MCC has something like this because it's very important and not everybody takes the time to remember the people that we've lost," said Student Recruiter Maggie Freeman.

The Vice President of Workforce Solutions expresses why it was important for them to host this ceremony today and why others should take a little time out of their day to do the same.

" The men and women in the service have given us the freedom that we have today. And that freedom many times comes with a tremendous cost. Some of the families are still experiencing that cost today because they just don't know where their memory is, maybe missing in action, maybe for years," stated Joseph Knight.

As you go about your day today keep an eye out for a POW/MIA flag and when you see one take a moment to remember those who have served our country and have yet to come home.

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