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  • Keaundria Milloy

MCC My College Cares event changes to virtual setting

For over 20 years, Meridian Community College has served the community through their 'My College Cares' Day. This day allows faculty, students and staff to serve the Lauderdale County area through volunteer efforts. Due to the pandemic, the event will now be virtual.

“Traditionally, we take a day off school and all of our students, faculty and staff would go throughout Lauderdale County for various services,” says Director of Campus Life LeAnne Motes. “Due to the pandemic, we've had to make some changes.”

Students have now until October 29th to complete five volunteer hours of their choice.

“It can be things like helping the elderly with yard work, help get them groceries, doing work in their church. We did set up a system that they can donate blood for partial credit. They can make care packages for the homeless and donate to the MCC Food Pantry."

Once their hours are complete, the students are now eligible for a college credit.

“There’s just a handful of quizzes and essay questions that they take care of and do their service and then they have their service verified through Canvas.”

All students are encouraged to participate in the volunteer efforts. Motes states this event is essential especially during the pandemic.

“They still need that experience of understanding how actions can help other people.”

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