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  • Celeste Smith

MCC Nursing Students Plan To Return To Campus

Updated: Apr 28

In Meridian, Meridian Community College nursing students will be returning back to campus to complete coursework for the semester.

Like most universities around the country during this pandemic, MCC turned to virtual and remote learning for their students, removing them from campus to help fight the spread of COVID-19, but nursing students at MCC are being asked to return to campus within the next week, to complete some coursework that requires them to be on site.

“We will have some students on campus over the next few weeks finishing skill competencies. We’ll have some students in doing an individual test review with their faculty and for some semesters, we’ll have one exam that we’re going to administer that students have to be proctored on campus for it. Everything else will be done remotely”, said Lara Collum.

Dr. Collum shared that while students are on campus during this time, they will be following the CDC’S recommendations and that students who are sick will not be present on campus.

“Students who are ill, you know, we will not have those students come to campus, those students will like get an incomplete for the semester and be able to finish their work in the summer, when they’re well”, said Dr. Collum.

Also stating that she has not had any students share any worries or fears about continuing into the nursing profession following this pandemic.

“They’re ready to graduate, they’re ready to enter the workplace, and I have not heard them express great concerns or fear”, said Dr. Collum.

While continuing majority of their coursework online, other health education students will also be returning to MCC’S campus to complete some of their studies over the course of the next few weeks.