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Meridian High School Girls with Pearls Pearling Ceremony

Updated: May 19

The Meridian High School held their Girls with Pearls Pearling Ceremony with the first group of girls to graduate who has been involved with girls with pearls from the beginning six years ago. The Founder tells us more.

"So today is our Pearling Ceremony and these young ladies have been with me since the sixth grade six years ago when we started at Magnolia Middle School. So the Pearling Ceremony is the rite of passage to life as far as the skills to be a successful person in how to just maneuver in the community," said Tabbotha Adams-Jones.

The Academic Counselor Regina Wheaton says that the program was needed and has had a positive impact on the students involved.

"They taught two girls from each grade level individually and they talked about manners, ways to carry yourself, and just ladylike things. Things that you know we should do as a woman," said Wheaton.

We hear from some of the girls about what today means to them as well as what it means to be a part of Girls with Pearls.

Alyssa Lanier said, "To me, it means leadership and dedication to the community. It just has helped me learn who I am as a person and taught me to be a better person and trained me in the right way."

Breosha Thomas said, "It has helped me develop my personality and to do more and be more independent.

"I have learned a lot recently. Nowadays, what's going on inside and out is like some girls don't know who to turn to. Some don't even know how to act like a lady in the world. So me being a Girls with Pearls has taught me a lot about how to be like a lady and how to be treated like one," said Angel Stewart.

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