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Meridian High School Student nominated to play in the McDonald's All-Star Games

A local high school student has a chance of a lifetime to possibly pave the way for their athletic future.

One MeridianHigh School Basketball Player has been nominated for a chance to play in the McDonald's All-Star Game where hype becomes a legacy. We learn what this could possibly mean for her future career in Basketball.

"It's a blessing and it's a great opportunity and I'm excited to even have the chance," said Powe.

To have such a nomination to play in the All-Star Games shows all the hard work Debreaha has been putting in.

"I think just me being able to be presented with this opportunity shows like I've been working hard and I'm just excited," stated Powe.

More than 760 girls and boys high school basketball players across the country have been nominated to play in the 45th anniversary of the All-Star Games and five of the players are from Mississippi. We hear from the coach of Debreaha.

"It feels great. It's a big deal for the program and the kids coming up into the program. So it's always a blessing to have someone with that type of accolade, said Faultman.

This is the 2nd player Faultman has coached to be nominated for the McDonald's All-Star Game she tells us how that makes her feel.

"It's not really anything that I do in particular. It's all about the kids and this is something that they set out to do and this is a goal that they reach."

Legendary players like LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and Maya MooreMcDonald's are some who previously played in the Mcdonald's All-Star Game Powe tells us the impact this game could have on her future.

"It will make a big impact. As I said, I would be very excited and amazed as well because I did it. My hard work has paid off."

The top 24 girls and 24 boys selected to play in the McDonald's All American Games will be revealed on Tuesday, January the 25th

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