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  • Keaundria Milloy

Meridian High seniors attend FAFSA event Wednesday

MERIDIAN, Miss. - As graduation draws near for Meridian High School seniors, college is right around the corner. The Meridian Public School District partnered with Get2College to host a FAFSA event at Meridian Community College. This is a part of their GearUp grant.

“They have representatives all over the state of Mississippi and we are one of the three areas that are blessed to have them come down here and have these opportunities for our families," said Parent Engagement Specialist Adrian Cross.

Students can send their financial aid applications to six different colleges. In February, financial aid experts helped a total of 33 students with their FAFSA and that goal was made for Wednesday as well. Parents were in on the 45-minute process to be made aware of what opportunities their students could be offered.

“The parents are aware of what it takes, all the information that’s needed and what they possibly can be awarded," said Cross. "They’ll be informed as opposed to going into the semester not knowing what to do.”

With circumstances of the pandemic, officials want students to gain all the opportunities necessary to be successful. Cross says that starts with their help.

“We know it’s been a terrible and tumultuous year, but we wanted to bring this opportunity to our community as opposed to them doing it on their own or in school," said Cross.

The Meridian Public School District plans to host another FAFSA event before graduation.

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