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  • Keaundria Milloy

Meridian Leadership Council to host community listening forum at City Hall

Updated: Oct 8

The Meridian Leadership Council will host a community listening forum October 22nd from 5PM to 7PM at Meridian City Hall. This forum is designed to provide local residents a safe platform to express their concerns and ask questions regarding social, economic and justice inequalities in Meridian and Lauderdale County. Panel guests will be present to answer community questions.

“As you know, our nation has experienced a lot of tension this year. There’s been a lot of opinions that have been said, as well as a lot of misinformed information,” Meridian Leadership Council Co-Chairwoman Shelia Austin explains. “In this forum, we want to build, strengthen and foster positive relationships with the law enforcement and also the community. We also want to make sure that we bridge that gap--that we reduce social, economic, educational, injustice and inequality.”

Face coverings, temperature check and social distancing will be required at the event.

Attendance reservation email to: If you prefer, you can leave the requested information by telephone, voicemail or text to Shelia Austin at 601-480-2562 .