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  • Keaundria Milloy

Meridian officials raise new Mississippi flag atop City Hall

The City of Meridian held a flag-raising ceremony for the newly adopted Mississippi state flag Monday. After the state senate passed the bill, adopting the new flag last Tuesday, the city agreed to move forward with the ceremony.

Last year, the State legislature moved forward with renaming us the flag “In God We Trust.” We’ve had the confederate flag since 1894," said Mayor Percy Bland.

Today Governor Tate Reeves signed the bill ratifying the newly adopted state flag at the two Mississippi Museums followed by a flag-raising ceremony on the grounds of the state capitol.

“Today was very symbolic for Mississippi and of course the City of Meridian to have a new state flag that we will always have on top of City Hall," said Bland.

Chief Ricky Lester of the Meridian Fire Department helped in raising the new flag at City Hall.

“We got an engine company together, came up and got everything ready to go," said Lester. "The mayor brought the flag up and we raised it.”

The flag was only raised at half mass honoring the loss of a law enforcement officer at the United States Capitol last Wednesday during rioting. Mayor Bland says the flag will be raised at full when the federal mandate expires.

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