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Meridian Police Crime-Fighting Plan

Meridian police are now taking action to try to stop the recent wave of homicides in the city. Twin States News spoke with Sergeant Heather Luebbers of the Meridian Police Department about the new crime-fighting plan that police are calling “suppressing detail.”

It’s now 5 people killed in Meridian within a week. The latest homicide in Sunday night’s shooting left one man dead.

The wave of violence has the community on edge.

“It doesn’t make any sense. Unnecessary killing, shooting in people’s houses. It doesn’t make sense”, stated a Meridian resident.

Meridian police hope to cut down on the crime by making a dramatic change in how they patrol the city.

They call their plan: “suppression detail”. Police tell us it means that you can expect to see more police cars patrolling in your neighborhood. Police will also set checkpoints or roadblocks throughout the city where they will stop cars to prevent illegal activity.

It’s a plan people, we spoke with, welcome:

“The police need to patrol more, roadblocks need to be set up in hotspot areas like Oakland Heights is bad. It’s bad near West Lagrangian St. and on Redline", said Sonya Jones.

Meridian police Sergeant Heather Luebbers told us off camera that the department’s priority is to first flood the neighborhoods where the crime has been happening. Such as the area where Sunday’s shooting happened near Myrtlewood Dr.

“They need to do something because of the fatalities of all the children”, stated Loretta Burrage. “The roadblocks and flooding the neighborhoods is something that we need especially in those neighborhoods that have the high crime rate. Besides praying and asking God to move on the hearts of these young people that are just what they call “wilding out”.

Meridian police tell us the “suppression detail” is now in effect and their new crime-fighting plan will continue until further notice