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  • Celeste Smith

Meridian Police Dept. Demonstrates What To Do In A Traffic Stop

Today in Meridian, Mayor Percy Bland and Interim Chief Coleman with the Meridian Police Department performed a demonstration of what to do, and what not to do at a traffic stop.

The traffic stop demonstration was conducted this morning at 10am in the parking lot of the Velma Young Community Center.

Young male members of the community participated in the demonstration as passengers in a vehicle, showing how to properly comply with law enforcement when an officer approaches your vehicle for a traffic stop, hoping to further connect these instructions with the youth in Meridian.

“The first stop was a group of young men that was complying with the law. You’ll notice that they had their hands on the steering wheel, you’ll notice that they allowed their windows to come down, without the officer having to tell them, you’ll once that they alerted the officer that they knew that they were driving a little fast. So, they complied completely with the law”, said Charles Coleman, interim chief of MPD.

In the second demonstration of a traffic stop, it was shown what would happen if illegal items were found, or if an officer were to notice something unusual during the stop, displaying what could lead to an arrest.

“If they’re not complying, their moving around in the vehicle –it throws up a reg flag automatically. You never know who you could be pulling over, and its scary. I mean, we’re all humans, so its scary. That way we call back up so we can get assistance and we take proper precautions at that time" ,said Shalonda Jennings, MPD Officer.

Chief Coleman also shared that he believes this demonstration will help to develop a better understanding between law enforcement and community members.

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