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  • Celeste Smith

Meridian Public Safety Training Facility Still Holding Classes During The Pandemic

Updated: Jul 1

In Meridian, the Meridian Public Safety Training Facility is continuing to hold training classes with new requirements to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, but as the pandemic continues there are concerns surrounding the classes still being held.

Classes and training sessions held by the Meridian Public Safety Training Facility, now require for all students and trainees to social distance, wear masks, and conduct daily temperature checks.

This Week, the facility is holding one of its major classes, the active shooter level law enforcement class, funded by a Homeland Security grant, and Meridian Public Safety Director, Doug Stephens, shared that although this training may nclude close contact, the trainees are well protected from the coronavirus.

“We have had some training going on, one of our first major classes end yesterday and today, and its an active shooter level law enforcement class, and they are practicing some social distancing, but when they do their active shooter training and they use the simunition weapons, they have protective gear on to protect them from the paint bullet. So, the protection there for COVID is already covered, because you have on the full helmet and face shield, and things like that," said Doug Stephens, Meridian Public Safety Director.

He also shares that he is concerned that these classes may discontinue due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

“We’re hoping to be able to continue those classes, but with our spike in cases and our state still not having our numbers come down like we expect, I’m fearful that we’re going to end up having to cancel so classes, maybe not being able to continue to do training, and what training we will be able to do remotely possible through some type of ZOOM or some online classes, I do know that a lot of our law enforcement, fire, and emergency management, medical technicians, are keeping their—continuing their education hours up through online things and in some cases – some of those things online and through ZOOM are beneficial, but it does not replace the physical hands on training that we all need and require to help our skills sharp," said Stephens.

The Meridian Public Safety Training Facility is still monitoring COVID-19 case numbers and following the CDC’s recommended guidelines to determine class operations.

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