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Meridian Public School Teachers Learning more.

Updated: Aug 4

For a teacher learning, new teaching habits can be very beneficial not only for them but for their students as well. Meridian public-school district’s teachers attended their leader in me program today.

Meridian Public-School Teachers kicked off the school year with their Leader In Me training. Teachers gather and gain new knowledge and improvements for their students. Now with the delta variant ramping up, they will also have to include tactics on how to keep their students safe as well.

“Today we are going through Dr. Steven Covey's core 2 documents for the 7 highly effective habits to be an effective teacher and people.”

Robert says he will be implementing the 7 habits in the classroom with his students to help keep them safe from COVID.

“Using the 7 habits we let students take charge in wiping the tables with the sanitation wipes. Using an antibacterial soap and spray and just continuing to use those safe habits.”

Oakland Heights grade school teacher Amber Rev also says she will be applying methods learned today in the classroom.

“We plan on teaching the students how to utilize these practices inside and outside the classroom every day. As well as ourselves to be better teachers and better individuals outside the classroom.”

Rev explained measures that will be taken to make sure everyone stays safe this school year.

“We still plan on incorporating the 6-foot spacing, social distancing as well as keeping students hands sanitized and their area sanitized.”

With COVID cases on the rise and delta cases growing public relations manager Matt Davis says they are prepared in case cases begin to grow on campuses

“Should a breakout present itself to us we have plans in place to shift whatever learning measures that we need to.”

The Meridian Public-School District did apply the universal mask policy where students, teachers, and staff must wear a mask while indoors at all times. The District states they will continue to follow all CDC guidelines to keep students safe this school year.

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