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  • Celeste Smith

Meridian Residents React To Increased COVID-19 Cases

Last week on June 8, Mississippi saw the highest number of positive coronavirus cases reported in one day from the Mississippi State Department of Health, with 498 COVID-19 cases reported, and today reported as of 6 p.m. on June 14 there are 283 new cases of COVID-19 in the state.

The rise in cases appeared following Governor Tate Reeves safe return order that went into effect on June 1st, which allowed all businesses within the State of Mississippi to reopen.

Many residents shared that they are glad that the state has reopened, providing them with a sense of normalcy during the pandemic, but they are still concerned about the number of COVID-19 cases increasing.

“I heard that they have been rising, and I’m very concerned, especially since I start college this fall. So, that kind of worries me. It feels good to be normal, but I feel like the outcome is not going to be what we expected it to be”, said Curdajah Bonner.

“I’m still kind of scared right now, but it is kind of good that they have opened back up, because we were tired of being tied down and didn’t have anywhere to go, couldn’t purchase things that we needed, but you know it’s okay”, said Arnett Duff.

“Reopening things as fast as it is going right now, it could create a lot of problems, especially if you know how little testing is probably going around, there probably needs to be more testing going around at the same time”, said Jared Cline.

One resident shared that she was not concerned about the rise in cases, because she is being cautious and social distancing.

“I’m not worried, I mean you still got to be aware, because people may have it and not tell you, so that’s why you need to stay 6ft apart or whatever, but other than that I’ve been fine, I went back to work and all that and we still –you know, being cautious”, said Lacey Reed.

The Mississippi State Department of Health continue to update the number of COVID-19 cases reported each day, and the Centers for Disease Control continues to update guidelines on how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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