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  • Celeste Smith

Meridian Residents Share How They Have Been Impacted By The Pandemic

Tonight, many people throughout the country have been impacted due to numerous changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many residents shared that their jobs have been impacted during the pandemic due to initial closures, and that their interaction with others has been altered due to new challenges presented by COVID-19.

“In some cases it helped and in other cases it didn’t --it don’t, because you got people that have been working, going to work time to time, and they can’t, they depending on they job” said Garrick Alford, resident.

“We worked at La-Z-Boy South in Newton, which was the main plant that’s been there since the sixties, and they shut it completely down, so it definitely did impact us, as a work group, I’d been there for over 31 years. So, we felt the impact, and so I –we lost a great place there in Newton, it supported a lot of Newtons economy and so it was a tragic loss for Newton”, said Dwight Perkins, resident.

“It impacted us in a very negative way, because we were unable to shop, scared to go around other people, all that good stuff. So, yes, it did affect us --and a bunch of people that I know, as well” said Debra Boyd, resident.

One Woman shared that she worked with the local school district and her job was impacted by the school closures, saying that despite that there has been a positive side to the pandemic, that she has been able to spend more time with her family, as a sense of normalcy returns under Governor Tate Reeves’ "Safe Return Order".

“We’ve become very creative, me and my six-year-old, we’ve been playing some fun games, like cards and different learning games, and then after that we’ll play some in the yard”, said Sha Hill, resident.

Governor Tate Reeves extension of the “Safe Return Order” expires on Monday, June 29 at 8am.