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  • Celeste Smith

Meridian Residents Welcome Back Non-Essential Businesses

Today in Meridian, following Mayor Percy Bland’s recent announcement allowing non-essential businesses to reopen during this coronavirus crisis, many businesses are eager to continue providing their services.

This past Friday, Mayor Bland announced the reopening of non-essential businesses, as long as they are able to only conduct sales via curbside.

MJ Black, manager at Hair Queen Beauty Supply, tells Twin States that many of their customers viewed their store as essential and were looking forward to the store reopening for business.

When initially ordered to close due to the executive order, the store still wanted to provide their customers with the essential items they sell, such as hygiene products and scrubs for healthcare professionals.

“We started out with an idea of doing like a curbside, where we take their phone orders or they walk up to the desk, we take their orders kind of like a receipt, walk it in, someone walks in the store grabs it and brings it out, no one allowed in the store, minimal contact with other people, that also got shut down”, said MJ Black, manager at Hair Queen Beauty Supply.

Now glad to be open to the public, Black also offers advice to other local businesses that are reopening at this time.

“ My biggest thing for the other stores is, you know, just stay aware, stay cleanly , provide whatever you can to your customers, make them feel like –hey, we are looking out for you, while you’re looking out for yourself and your employees, I mean, its serious. And I’m happy, I know it sucks, because we went through that place where you don’t feel too much support from the government, because we’re losing out on a lot and we have employees that need their money and it sucks, so we would do whatever we can to provide for them”, said Black.

In Mayor Bland’s recently updated executive order, it states that nothing in the order prevents a business from implementing a more restrictive policy, to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.