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  • Celeste Smith

Millions Of Americans Are Still Waiting On Economic Impact Payments

Tonight, many Americans have yet to receive their stimulus check, despite being eligible.

According to a report released by the House Committee on Ways and Means, on June 5, it was estimated that 30 to 35 million economic impact payments have not yet been issued.

Some of the reasons you may not have received your stimulus check may be attributed to the IRS not having your direct deposit information, the payment was sent to an incorrect address, or you have been a victim of fraud. On June 25, the U.S. Government Accountability Office reported that as of April 30, almost 1.1 million deceased people received payments of about $1,200 each.

One man shared that he knows people who are still waiting on their stimulus check.

“I’ve heard of some friends of mine, especially seniors, that have not yet received their money. Now, I don’t know if they’re doing direct deposit or they’re going to be mailed out. So, that’s where the confusion is, and there’s not room for error. I heard the department of treasury was sending out checks to deceased people, that needs to be fixed, but people are hurting, so I hope they can get that corrected and get the money to the people that’s in need,” said James Dillard, Meridian Resident.

Another shared that he is not surprised to hear that millions of payments have not yet been made.

“It’s important, it’s extremely important that people are able to receive some type of stimulus, but not unexpected at this time. We can’t really –we can’t count on it, if it’s not here, we got to make sure we’re helping each other out as a community and trying to survive and push forward. Its too much stuff going on right now and for it to be a – it’s a misfortune, its very bad, but we’ve got to continue, and we’ve got to move forward,” said Mike Smith, Meridian Resident.

If you are still expecting a stimulus check and have not yet received it the IRS has a "Get Your Payment" app on their website, that allows for you to check the status of your Economic Impact Payment.

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