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Mississippi Blood Services host a Blood Drive at MCC

According to the American Red Cross, the current National Blood Crisis is the worst blood shortage in over a decade. Mississippi Blood Services is out doing its part to help with the crisis.

We've experienced supply shortages of almost everything since the start of the pandemic, and that includes blood donations. The Mississippi Blood Services are encouraging individuals to donate by hosting a two-day blood drive at Meridian Community College.

"We've got to get the number up. Mississippi has to stand by herself and get that number up. Somebody needs blood in our state every 2 seconds. So it's pretty scary when you think about that. And only 4% of people donate. So we have to get the numbers up. We need at least 250 people a day to keep the blood in the hospitals in our state," stated Sherry Book a Mississippi Blood Services Rep.

Mississippi Blood Services provides all of the blood for Anderson Regional Health and is the only blood supplier for Children of Mississippi Hospital which is why hosting blood drives locally is so critical.

Book said," I have people ask me all the time, is this really a shortage? And I say, yes, absolutely. The blood shortage in Mississippi is like everybody else across the board. We need blood for our hospitals. So this is something that's happened. Nobody really knows why. I wish I had the answer, but the true answer is the gift of giving and helping your neighbors. That's why I encourage people. If you can't donate blood, be a cheerleader, call your friends, tell them, tell them you've seen this on television time you've heard about it, that you know somebody that needs blood and go donate."

Student Devin James donating blood.

The biggest benefit for a donor who donates blood is knowing you may have saved a life, I spoke with a few donors to today on what made them want to donate.

"I want to donate blood because I want to just help people. And also, I have a Pawpaw with diabetes. So, like, I'm just big on, like, giving blood to people that need it," stated Ameria Stokes an MCC student.

Ashley Viverette another student said, "I wanted to donate blood to give back to the community. I know that it is a shortage, so this is a way for me to help give back to my community."

Book says blood donations are essential and the need for blood is constant and help can start with one person making a generous donation.

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