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Mississippi Children's Museum Fall Fix-up

Today is a different day here at the Mississippi Children’s Museum, instead of the sound of children laughing and playing the sound of power tool are heard. The museum has closed its doors for the fall fix-up as well as added some new additions for children to enjoy.

"So today we're this week, rather, we're having our fall fix up, which is our annual fix up party. we have it once a year, usually the first week in September. That's where we close the museum down and we get volunteers and individuals to come in and volunteer their time and fix up different stuff around museums, which is painting the walls, doing minor exhibit repairs outside, clean up things like that," said Joe Rayner the Facility Director.

Raynwhicher said they have this annually due to kids being kids whinch means sometimes they like to test the limits of the equipment. Many different groups and individuals from Mississippi Power to NAS Meridian came out to help volunteer.

"We were asked to clean the algae out of the stream outside because we're the algae company, so we were happy to do that. Any time we're asked to help out with the community, we're grateful to do that. So we finished cleaning out the stream of algae, and now I'm giving the plane a fresh coat of paint," said Jon VanDrune a volunteer from Algix.

Along with making repairs and doing some deep cleaning the museum also had some construction for a new installation for the children to enjoy outside in the garden.

"So back behind us, we're really excited to have the last phase of construction for our permanent shade structures to be covering part of our playground in the sand pit area. This is a project that has been generously funded by the Phil Harden Foundation and the Riley Foundation. We're really excited about having this new way for children to play outside, to be able to enjoy our outdoor space even more, especially in the really hot summer months," said Barbara Zeller the Museum's Executive Director.

The Children’s Museum will reopen its doors tomorrow at 9 am.

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