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Mississippi Children's Museum's new Program"Super-Lympics" promotes a healthy lifestyle for kids

Updated: May 17

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for the youth is always important. The meridian children’s museum is now bringing in a program the first of its kind to promote a healthy lifestyle for kids called Super-Lympics.

“So this is the first Annual Super Olympics, It is a way to inspire and empower children and families to live healthy and active lifestyles,” said Education Assistant Hope Vollm.

Vollum said the theme of the program is a mix between the Olympics and Superheroes.

"The event is sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi. And we just want everybody to feel like they are a superhero in their own life and are able to do a little bit of everything," stated Vollm.

The program is available for kids of all ages and will have different hands-on stem-based activities for them to get involved with.

"So they're going to have the chance to do obstacle courses, superhero yoga, build an Olympic flame in a bottle. There's going to be garden tastings, and they're also going to make superhero bracelets and cuffs. So a lot of different things to keep everyone entertained and interested," said Vollm.

This is the first time for this program but Vollm said it will not be the last as they plan to continue the program every late spring and early summer.

"Our goal is to show that everyone can lead a healthy and active lifestyle. It doesn't have to be difficult and that is achievable for everyone."

The program will begin on May 21st with activities beginning at 10 am.

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