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  • Celeste Smith

Mississippi Department of Transportation suspends highway construction for Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is hoping to ease possible traffic delays from interrupting your holiday travels this Thanksgiving.

Beginning this evening, to help keep traffic moving, MDOT crews and contractors will limit road construction that requires lane closures this holiday weekend, until Monday, November 30, and all construction will be paused on Thanksgiving Day. Mississippi Department of Transportation hopes this will provide drivers with maximum travel capacity and minimal construction delays for the holiday.

“COVID-19’s going to take a bite out of travel this weekend overall, but you know we’re still going to see a lot of motorists on the highways, it is thanksgiving, people want to see their families. So, we’re going to try to limit as much of the construction as possible, there’s still may be congestion or accidents that can cause backup, but note before you go, before you get on the road to travel to see your family, just check,” said Michael Flood, MDOT Public Information Officer.

Click here, for additional information on ways to track current travel and traffic information from the Mississippi Department of Transportation for your holiday travels.

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