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Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves visits NAS Meridian for Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves stopped by Meridian’s Naval Air Station.

“I can only imagine the flying is hard enough without having to worry about a deer or some other critter wandering across the runway early in the morning. The fact is that our entire nation is safer and your aviators watching our skies and our seas, the least we can do as the state of Mississippi and as meridian and Lauderdale County is help watch your back.” - Gov. Reeves.

The U.S. navy, state and local officials broke ground on a $3 million dollar wildlife exclusion fence that will surround the Airfield onboard the Naval Air Station in Meridian.

Naval Air Station Captain Brent Moore explains what the fence will be used for. “When it is fully completed, will be just shy of 16 miles and it will keep deer and other wildlife, wild boar, cattle, coyotes off of a runway, definitely a hazard to aircraft and flight path.”

The project is to be initially funded through a Development Authority Grant by the State of Mississippi.

Governor Tate Reeves tells us the importance of helping to fund the project. "We really have this in place as to ensure that we're doing everything we can, investing in the infrastructure, so that as we progress forward, that everyone from here all the way up, and the us navy knows how important this base is, not only to the safety and the protection of our nation, but also to this local community. You know, Mississippi has a long history of supporting our military bases in a is already and certainly is a prime example of that."

Governor Reeves also talked about future funds or investments to the project as well. "Well, there is obviously continued opportunities for us to invest here at the base, and the initial $3 million that we put forward is going to get us off to a good start. And then we're all looking for additional resources as a final."

There is no set time for when the project will be fully completed. It is scheduled to require multiple phases.

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