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Mississippi Liquor Stores Home Delivery

With the new year comes new laws. Governor Tate Reeves signed more than five new bills in 2021, but they officially went into effect on January 1, 2022. One of those bills gives Mississippi liquor stores the opportunity to deliver package products to homes.

Senate bill 1135 allows Mississippi liquor stores to supply home delivery for beer, wine, and spirits, but several liquor stores here in Meridian say that they have no plans on participating.

Manager Thomas Deweese of Freddie’s Fine Spirits, a locally owned liquor store in Meridian, believes that in this case, the bad outweighs the good.

“There is a lot of different liabilities we are responsible for. We’re responsible for the product once it leaves the stores until it gets to the person”, stated Deweese. “So, if anything happens with the driver in between those delivery times we would be liable for it”

The bill states upon the delivery the buyer must not appear intoxicated and show proof of I.D., otherwise, the product will be taken back to the store.

Along with that, stores will have to bring in a third party to handle deliveries. Deweese says it’s possible that the delivery service could add on 20% to 25% extra to cover the service.

“Meridian is a very price-conscious town and all the third-party vendors that would be in charge of delivering it would tack on an extra 20% to 25% percent fee above our prices. If you get something from Uber Eats or Door Dash from a restaurant, it's always significantly more expensive and I just don’t believe Meridian would be okay with paying that higher price”, said Thomas.

Mississippi is now the 31st state to offer the alcohol home delivery service.

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