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Mississippi Third Grade Students Prepare for State Test

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) announced that the third-grade reading assessment will be given in April of this year. The test determines whether the student will be promoted to the next grade or not.

Third graders are preparing to take the reading assessment in April. Meridian Public School District (MPD) is getting a head-on preparing students and parents on what to expect.

Academic Coach Kim Bailey shares more about it:

“The MAAP, Mississippi Academic Assessment Program English Language Arts, assessment is very important, it indicates if a student is on the right path and if they will be successful on the path to graduate from high school”, stated Bailey.

Test requirements were waived last year because of COVID, but this year it’s mandatory that all third-grade students pass to be promoted.

“The first time is giving in April if students do not pass it at that time, we remediate and provide interventions for the students helping to make sure they are on the right path, “said Kim. “The second time is later in May after additional instruction. Once that test is given, if students still do not pass, they are given an opportunity to come to summer school and at the end of summer school they are given another opportunity to take the test.”

MPD has been hosting parent zoom meetings providing, strategies, resources, and sharing with parents how the test will look.

“During the meeting, we explain exactly how the assessment is given. Right now, we have a ton of resources on our website that will help our parents understand what the MAAP assessment will look like and then how they can help their students at home. We’re just trying to build the partnership between the school and home.

The meetings are held on a zoom link at noon and a 4:00 P.M. The next meetings will be on the 21st, 24th, and 25th. To find out more about the meetings you can visit Meridian Public School District / mpsdk12.net

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