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Mississippi United To End Homelessness National Vet Walk

Meridian MS - Allen Tisdale is the east central team leader of the Mississippi United To End Homelessness and wants to bring awareness to veteran homelessness in Mississippi. “Today we are gathered here to do a 2k walk in support of veteran homelessness across the state. This is just a good opportunity to bring awareness of our homeless veterans across the state and our coverage area which is 71 counties.”

Being a national event, Allen looks forward to doing more if the opportunity presents itself. “This is our first time doing this event, now they’ve done this in Jackson before, but it’s the first time we’ve done and participated in it. So, we’re starting to branch out a little bit and maybe be a part of this as well yearly.”

So, why do a 2k walk?

“We’re all out trying to support our veterans as a team, so this is a good opportunity for us to work together and collaborate together.” - Allen Tisdale

Today’s participants say although it is hot, it is a great day for a great cause.

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