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  • Celeste Smith

Mississippians vote in favor of Ballot Measure 2

Updated: Nov 5

On election day, November 3, Mississippi voters voted in favor of Ballot Measure 2, the House Concurrent Resolution No. 47, which will change the election process for candidates running for statewide offices.

Ballot Measure 2 will eliminate requiring candidates for statewide offices, like governor, to receive majority of the popular vote, accompanied with the electoral vote in order to be elected.

Mississippi is currently the only state requiring candidates to have both in order to be elected into statewide offices. With this requirement, if nobody secures the popular vote and the electoral vote, the race is decided by the state house.

Many people shared that they are glad that Mississippians voted in favor of the House Concurrent Resolution No. 47, eliminating the need for the electoral vote to elect statewide offices.

“I think they need to go ahead and jump through some loops and figure out the best way they can elect people –and it all really depends on the voters,” said Daon Barksdale.

“That’s the way it should be you know, the people should be – their voices should be heard once you cast your vote. Whatever was voted for collectively that’s what it should be,” said Loretta Crockett.

“Now I feel like my vote would count,” said Caleb Ruyack.

One man shared that this ballot measure addressed a concern he had with the electoral vote being needed to elect statewide offices.

“Are they going to go with the way of the people or not, --and now I feel like that’s going to make me want to vote come next year,” said Ruyack.

With House Concurrent Resolution No. 47 passed candidates for statewide offices in Mississippi will now only need to receive the majority vote to win.

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