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MSDH Expands Eligibility for Monkeypox Vaccine

Updated: Aug 18

The Mississippi Department of Health announced an eligibility expansion for those considering receiving the Monkey Pox vaccine. Twin States News spoke with local people to find out their thoughts on Monkey Pox.

There have been eleven reported monkeypox cases in Mississippi. Many people aren't sure what to think about Monkey Pox.

"I think a lot of people are just confused, but we're really concerned because I don't think anybody wants to go through another lockdown after what we've sacrificed and what small businesses and employment sacrifice," stated Michel Vicent. "I just think it's going to be crucial if we can if by any means, avoid another lockdown."

While still dealing with the pressures of the COVID pandemic and now adding Monkey Pox on top of that has added another level of stress for some:

"I'm a germophobe, so I'm constantly wiping down and sanitizing my hands. It's just going to put me in a weirder spot than COVID did", said a resident.

"Well, it's going to affect the mental health, of course. People think, Can I get it?" stated Dan Ward.

According to the state's health department, very few vaccine doses have been received in Mississippi; the recent expansion allows those at a higher risk to receive the vaccine.

"I think the number one thing has been fear. You get on Tik Tok and Facebook and look and see the people that are, I don't want to say overreacting because everybody's entitled to their opinion, but I think this will add to creating more stress", stated Vincent. "I think that's going to create a little upheaval within our communities because you're going to have people taking different sides. That's never a good thing when we need to come together as one. Especially at this critical time."

The Monkey Pox vaccine is available by appointment only at your county's health department. To find out more about Monkey Pox, you can visit Monkeypox - Mississippi State Department of Health (ms.gov)

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