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MSU-Meridian partners with local districts during Statewide Teacher Shortage

We all know education is important. Well, Mississippi state university-meridian campus has partnered several local school districts, to help during this teacher shortage.

Director of Teacher Residency Programs Kevin Entrekin explains what MSU-Meridian is doing to put more teachers in classrooms. “So, we have a number of different programs that we're working on right now, or that we have available for people who are aspiring teachers. So, we have partner school districts here in the east Mississippi area. We're currently partnered with eight school districts, and we work very closely with those school districts to put qualified people in the classroom and help them earn certification to teach.”

He explains the process of certification, for those qualified to be a teacher. “Currently, we have a residency grant, which is from the Mississippi department of education, and it allows us to put 40 people through alternate routes certification to earn a license to teach elementary education in the state of Mississippi. And that's for grades k through six.”

Lauderdale County School District Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, Dr. DeShannon Davis, shares her thoughts on the shortage and what needs to be done. “Fortunately, in the Lauderdale County school district, we're not seeing a problem with not being able to field positions, so we're very blessed in this area. We don't want to take that for granted. We want to be proactive and make sure that we're looking for the best teachers out there and we're going to keep our recruiting efforts going. But, you know, right now in our district, we're not seeing a problem with the teacher shortage. But we do understand that it is one nationwide.”

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