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National Buffalo Soldier Day

Today is designated as National Buffalo Soldiers Day in the U.S. to honor the legacy of the African American Cavalry Soldiers who were known as Buffalo Soldiers. The Meridian Chapter of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club held a ride in their honor and a Wreath-Laying ceremony dedicated to Earnest Block who was a meridian resident.

"We ride to commemorate and honor them on our iron horses because they rode real horses. So this ride here today on Buffalo Soldier Day, it's has a lot of deep meaning because we as soldiers have to keep this rich history alive, especially as black motorcycle riders because we have to have our history told throughout our Communities because if we don't tell it, it will be lost," said

Steven Jackson.

The Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club chose to specifically honor Earnest Block who was a part of the 9th and 10th Calvary and was a part of the beginning of the Buffalo Soldier.

"He was a private from Meridian. He joined the army, I believe it was 1917. I think he served through 1919, and he was part of the Ninth Calvary. We wanted to honor him by laying a wreath at his grave, as we remember The Buffalo Soldiers from all over," said Terrance Roberts.

Roberts says being able to honor the Legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers is very near and dear to him and says he hopes to provide more knowledge to the public of African American rich history.

"People of color have fought for freedom since the American Revolution, and oftentimes we're missing from the History Books. So taking time to honor our soldiers, soldiers of color who fought often for a Country that didn't recognize and give them full citizenship," stated Roberts.

A fellow rider who says it was her first time participating in the Buffalo Soldier Ceremony tells us what it means to her to be able to participate in the ride and ceremony.

" This is my first time to be able to see the actual gravesite of one of our Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry. So it means a great deal to me," said Pamela Barbera.

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