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New Administration for West Lauderdale Middle School.

Meridian MS - New Administration is on the way for the 2023-24 school year.

West Lauderdale Middle School will have a new principal and assistant principal.

The Lauderdale County school board approved Dr. Cody Killen as the New Principal, and Robbie Cooper as the New Assistant Principal.

“West Lauderdale Middle School is an a-rated school, looking forward to taking the reins there and expanding upon what they do great.” - Dr. Cody Killen

“Definitely whatever is in the best interest of the student will always be at the forefront of our decisions.” - Robbi cooper

Dr. Killen currently serves as the Principal of Newton County High.

Robbi Cooper currently serves as a Graduation Coach at Southeast and will be transitioning to West Lauderdale Middle School.

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