New Executive Order Extends Unemployment Benefits
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  • Celeste Smith

New Executive Order Extends Unemployment Benefits

Updated: May 13

Yesterday, Governor Tate Reeves announced a new executive order that will extend the unemployment benefits provided, to further help Mississippi workers and their families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Replacing Governor Tate Reeve’s initial unemployment order, which began the process of expediting payments to unemployed Mississippians, the new executive order waives the one-week waiting period to receive unemployment benefits for all claims filed from March 8th, 2020 to December 26th, 2020.

The governor is also increasing the $40 earning allowance to $200 from May 3rd to June 27th.

For employers that have been impacted by the pandemic, any interest from April 1st to June 27th has also been waived on all collection activities suspended under the executive order, and the offset of future benefits due to overpayments will be reduced to 25% from March 29th until June 27th.

Although the new order extends benefits to further assist those whose jobs have been impacted by the pandemic, Governor Tate Reeves advises that if you are able to return to work –to do so.

“When those pandemic unemployment assistance benefits go away, the maximum state benefit on unemployment is $230 a week –meaning on unemployment assistance, make much less than $230 a week, therefore I implore every Mississippian as these small businesses reopen, take advantage of the opportunity to go back to work”, said Gov. Tate Reeves.

Prior to their expiration, the Mississippi Department of Employment Security has the discretion to reassess these measures and will extend them as needed to maintain financial stability during this challenging time.

Here is the full executive order: