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New Home for a Non-Profit here in Meridian

Meridian MS - The Salvation Army has closed the doors to its former location on 6th street.

Commanding officer Lieutenant Roy Fisher feels it was time. "As times have changed, we needed a change. And so, what we've done was we moved from having three buildings to having one building that houses everything, minus the homeless shelter that we no longer have."

From Church Services, and Social Services, Lieutenant Fisher says there many plans for the new building on 25th avenue. "We're going to a client choice food pantry to where when they come in, they actually will go shopping for their items, just like in the supermarket. And then overall, we're going to be changing into hopefully this building is going to have to be a community center to where we're going to have different programs for sure, for kids, for seniors."

He also explains the growing need for the salvation army’s services in the community. "Especially with this new client choice pantry, I think is really important because it's going to help to bring in bring back their dignity versus just coming in and just being handed a bag. And there are a number. We don't want that. My staff wants to make sure that they're taking care of the needs, not just physically, but spiritually as well, because they have that opportunity to get to know them."

The Center says nothing is more important than meeting the needs of those around and helping out in the community.

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