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New Information on the Poplar Springs Burglary

Meridian, MS - After looking further into the Poplar Springs School Burglary, MPSD Resource Officer Cornelius Parks sheds light on what exactly was stolen.

“Several iPads, Several Chrome Books, and also some monitors, and a few radios that were stolen."

Officer Parks told Twin States News the suspects forced entry into the school earlier this month by using a crowbar, and there was a faulty alarm issue.

He also said, “They spent several hours in the school on two different occasions, so they felt like they got away one night, and decided to come back again.”

I then asked Officer Parks what impact the loss of the devices had on the students.

“It was a hindrance to their progress because just like our personal devices; when you have iPads, you have basically everything on there; your life, and these kids had their apps to access their work, and also to get extra learning skills.”

Having retrieved several undamaged items, Officer Parks encourages the community to be cautious of the other items that are still out there.

“We want to remind the public that if you are in possession of those stolen items, you can be charged with possession of stolen goods.”

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