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  • Keaundria Milloy

New 'Skip the Line' Program for Mississippi driver license stations

Updated: Sep 10

On June 8th, Governor Tate Reeves allowed driver’s license stations to reopen to the public. Although, since then, there has been a heavy flow of people needing services.

“I understand in the month of June, we did over 90,768 issues. In July, it was 96,583-- in August it was over 80,000. It was 267,000 in the month of June, July and August. That’s a 77% increase in the number of customers served from one year prior,” Governor Reeves explains.

Mississippi Public Safety Commissioner Sean Tindell and the Department of Public Safety’s Driver Service Bureau has issued the new ‘Skip the Line’ Program.

Beginning September 14th, customers can schedule an appointment at the DPS website at the location they choose in Troop K and Troop C regions.

“We’re going to run that program for 2 and a half weeks and then starting on October 1st, we will go statewide with the program and that will be at all drivers license stations,” says Commissioner Tindell.

Also available October 1st is the ‘Skip the Line’ camera for all Troop locations.

“So that customers-- before they arrive at the driver’s license stations will be able to go onto the website and view the line. If there is a line they might want to come at another time, but it's the ‘Skip the Line’ cam and right now it’s available at Troop K and Troop C.”

Additionally, all firearm permit renewal applications will be mail-in only. This program will eliminate the requirement to renew in-person permits and fingerprints. The Mississippi Department of Public Safety will end all alphabet schedule services on October 1st. For more information on the new ‘Skip the Line’ Program, please visit or