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Newton County Freshman's sign to Commitment

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Newton County high school freshman students committed to take control of their future today. The school encouraged the students to sign a class banner that represented their commitment to do everything they can to graduate from high school 2025.

Two Newton County Freshman students told us what today meant to them and what they are looking forward to in the upcoming years.

“When I become a senior, I committed to it. I told myself I can do it” said freshman, Alexcia Clark.

“I felt pretty proud, I’m just ready to graduate”- freshman Aiden Merrell

The principal of the high school, Cody Killen, fast-forwarded to 2025 to give his students some encouraging words.

“Class of 2025 I hope they realize that we meant what we said, and I hope we realize that they meant what they said by making this commitment. I would like to see every single one of them walk across that stage.” Principal Cody Killen

The banner will be hung above the stage on the class’s graduation day in 2025 to remind them of how far they have come.

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