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Northcrest Baptist Church kicks off the 10th Annual Love Out Loud

Northcrest Baptist Church has kicked off its 10th Annual Love Out Loud Event. About 20 to 25 churches come together and provide mission work throughout the community. Wade Phillips, Executive Pastor of Northcrest Baptist Church tells us more.

"We are doing all kinds of things with the idea that we want to share the love of God.

We want everyone to see the love of God, and we want to be able to tell people the Gospel of Jesus. And so that's our goal and everything that we're doing," said Phillips.

Phillips says that in the beginning 10 years ago it was only about 50 people at the time participating and over the years the event has grown and expanded and has even inspired other Counties to start a Love Out Loud event.

"Neshoba County began its Love Out Loud three years ago, so we've seen it expand to other Counties. Also, we were hoping some churches from outside Lauderdale County will be involved this year too, and be able to take that back with them. So we would love to see this expand even more over the years," he said.

Church member and volunteer Lesia Scruggs have been a part of the event since the beginning and expressed her favorite part about Love Out Loud.

"Meeting the people, coming in contact with people that you didn't know and you ministering to them and then them touching your heart and you get ministered to yourself," said Scruggs.

Mission work is done all around The Queen City from making care packages to pass out to doing multi-sports camps for the Boys and Girls Club and having block parties at local apartment complexes.

"Today we are doing a number of different things. So throughout the week, we're going to be delivering care packages to different groups of people throughout the community just to say thank you to the people who maybe go unseen. But we couldn't do life without them, like the Public Works people, the trash collection, The Postal Service, the sewage and construction workers, things like that," said Andre Bredow.

Phillips says anyone is welcome to come out and volunteer. All they have to do is show up at Northcrest Baptist Church in the morning and signup.

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