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Patrician Academy's Pam Moody is November's Golden Apple Teacher of the Month

Butler, AL - The November Golden Apple Teacher of the Month is Pam Moody. She teaches four-year-old kindergarteners or 4 K at Patrician Academy.

"I just feel honored," said Moody. "I'm excited about it, not so sure that I'm that deserving of it, but I just love what I do. I just enjoy seeing them, especially with the four year olds, they make such great progress and it's just fun watching what they come in doing and then what they leave here doing. I just get great satisfaction from that."

Her students get excited about learning and she says that keeps her eager to get to work every day.

"That's the great thing about teaching four-year-olds. They may not know how to do it one day, and then the next day you know you've worked and worked and worked and then the light bulb goes off. They just get so excited over school they absolutely love their teachers and they get excited over learning. It drives me from day to day. To me, this is just a great place to be." Moody continued. Being valued for her hard work and dedication means a lot to Mrs. Moody.

She went on to say: "I appreciate it, it's a great feeling, and it's always great to know you're appreciated. Mr. Burnham, he's great about always letting us know how much he appreciates us and so are these parents. I have parents that are just constantly thanking me and appreciating what we do for their kids."

Patrician Academy HeadMaster, Billy Burnham, added: "She's a fantastic teacher, she's a hard worker, a great employee and she's an asset to our school, she has a lot of experience and she has done a fantastic job here."

Moody finished with: "We do a lot of singing, we do a lot of art, then we mix in a little reading and math and social studies and science along the way. We just like to have fun, I love doing this. this is, it's not a job to me, I enjoy it."

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