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  • Celeste Smith

Phase 3 of the Meridian Public-School District's return to school plan is now in effect

On Thursday, October 15, the Meridian Public-School District welcomed 6th-12th grade students back to campus for Phase 3 of the district's return to school plan.

With Phase 3 now officially in effect, students in 6th-12th grades will now be attending school four days a week, still learning virtually on Wednesdays. When following Phase 2 of the district’s return to school plan, students were attending school on campus two days a week on designated days, and learning virtually on Wednesdays, with some learning virtually full time.

Carver Middle School has more than 300 students signed up to participate in on-campus learning now that the district has entered Phase 3 of its return to school plan, with 30 students registered to continue distance learning. “With Phase 3 we are looking forward to just seeing these students that we have not seen for quite a while. So, we’re very excited to see our virtual students return to campus, and we’re just going to continue the momentum keeping instruction first and also safety,” said Felicia Ruffin, principal at Carver Middle School.

One student, who had been distance learning the entire first 9-weeks, shared that she was excited to join her friends in on-campus learning.

“I was excited, because I haven’t seen them in so long, and it's just really fun to be back. I’m looking forward to like not being at home as much, and being able to see my teachers while I learn, because it was a little harder to learn online and not being able to see what they were doing,” said Le’ tedria Amos, 7th grader at Carver Middle School.

She also shared that although she is glad to return to on-campus learning, she thinks still learning virtually on Wednesdays will be beneficial.

“I do think it’s still good, because on that online day, you can like go at your own pace sort of, and just do the assignments on your own,” said Amos. The Meridian Public -School District plans to utilize Wednesday, when students are learning virtually, to complete additional deep cleaning on its campuses and provide students who might be struggling with additional academic support.