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  • Keaundria Milloy

Phone companies prepare for Hurricane Zeta

Updated: Oct 29

AT&T and C Spire are making sure their customers are aware of several essential resources put in place to their advantage. One of those preps is making sure generators are working properly.

“We’ve checked all of our generators. We have about 95% of all of our cell sites are on. They already have backup generators and we’ve already fueled those,” said C Spire Senior Manager and Media Relations Dave Miller. “The other 5% we have employees staged in case we do lose commercial power. They’ll be able to go in and place portable generators in at 85% so we will actually be able to continue to provide wireless service.”

During a storm, it is critical that customers save their phone battery and continue to keep them charged.

“Get a battery backup,” said Vice Presidents and General Manager of AT&T Anthony Mokry. “Make sure you’re charging your phone until you lose power. One of our biggest fears during the storm is we know people are going to lose their power. Make sure to keep your device plugged in so you can get as much battery as possible.”

Today, lots of information is stored on smartphones and also tracking severe weather like Zeta.

“They use them for critical communication. Whether they’re accessing a weather app or accessing information or they’re getting a notification via text from emergency response officials it’s really important that those phones work.”

Mokry suggests waterproof phone cases in preparation of potential floods. 

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