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  • Celeste Smith

Preliminary hearing held for suspect in Oct. 23 shooting incident in Meridian

Today in Meridian, a preliminary hearing was held for the suspect that has been charged in connection to a shooting incident that occurred last Friday.

21-year-old Kenneth Barrett has been charged with murder regarding the shooting death of 25-year-old Charquez Mercer. The shooting incident was reported on October 23, at 16th Avenue and 23rd Street. During the preliminary hearing, an investigator testified the suspects multiple versions of how the shooting occurred. Saying that evidence indicates the victim may have been shot from outside of the vehicle. It was stated that surveillance video, and an interview with a 4-year-old, the victim’s child, who was on the scene of the incident, are being utilized as evidence. Additionally, investigators are still currently waiting on the victim’s autopsy results, that are being conducted today by the state crime lab.

“It will confirm that the defendant had in his possession the right weapon, which would be the murder weapon, and you put all that together it just seems like there’s more to the story, but whatever the story is, the defendant was involved and was part of what contributed to the decedent’s death,” said Judge Robbie Jones.

Municipal Court Judge Robbie Jones found probable cause due to inconsistencies with the suspect’s story regarding the shooting incident, and will refer the case to Lauderdale County for grand jur.