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Preparing for Hurricane Season

Updated: Aug 18

Hurricane Season has started off to a slow start so far but August through October are the peak months for hurricane activity. Being prepared can help minimize the impact of the storm, the best time to start is before the threat is imminent here’s what you need to know.

"We've been very fortunate with our hurricane season and we hope that that holds pattern and that we have a mild hurricane season which is not predicted. We've been predicted to have an above-average hurricane season with multiple storms and major storms, said Doug Stephens Public Safety Director.

Stephens says there is a difference between hurricanes and what we typically see in our area which are tornado warnings, watches, and thunderstorms.

"Watch means that conditions are favorable for either a severe thunderstorm or tornado watch. If there is a warning, then that means there's radar indicated or storm spotter indicated storm that's producing weather that is considered severe, whether it be a severe thunderstorm warning or there's a tornado warning and tornado warning or a thunderstorm warning means that those severe weather events are happening at that time in your area," stated Stephens.

Planning before an actual storm is what is most important and making sure you have an active plan in place, if you plan on using a generator make sure it’s serviced.

"We just encourage people that if they have generators that they use to power their homes, if they're without power, now's a good time to have that generator serviced, make sure that you have additional fuel and things like that for your generator and also have an emergency kit. Make sure that you have some nonperishable foods in it, and water for your family and your pets. We have to remember those, too, when we are preparing for hurricanes and have enough of those supplies to last you several days," said Stephens.

When it comes to The City of Meridian Stephens says that they are always prepared to manage any type of weather incident big or small.

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