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  • Keaundria Milloy

Preparing for summer-like temperatures

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Miss. - It’s not summer time yet, but the temperatures sure do feel like it. Lauderdale County Emergency Management Agency Director Odie Barrett says the agency has come up with a new website to keep people informed on heat-related tips and more.

“You can simply go to www.lemaonline.com and that will pull up our website. We’ve got all different kinds of tabs on there," said Barrett. "We are trying to get more information out there to the public to keep everyone as safe as possible.”

Staying outside for long periods of time and not wearing appropriate clothing in heat can also trigger a heat-related emergency.

“With the humidity being above 95% during our extreme heat, it’s harder for our body to evaporate sweat that we produce and that’s where we naturally cool our bodies off," said Barrett.

“We just encourage people when they're out to take care of themselves."

While some families will be traveling during the summer, Public Safety Director Doug Steven says it’s important to keep your vehicle ready during heat as well.

“Go by your local service professional and have them check your air conditioner and all your other fluids on your vehicle to make sure it’s in proper traveling conditions," said Stephens.

For more information on heat-related tips, visit our website.

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