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Queen City Looks to Bright Future

The city of Meridian is flourishing with several infrastructure projects in progress and new businesses opening regularly. Twin States News spoke with Community Development Director, Craig Hitt on the growth.

"I think that folks are making these investments in the city, everything from retirement home opportunities to the small businesses, as well as larger businesses that are making these investments; it's a very positive statement for our future here in Meridian," said Hitt.

Two major infrastructure projects are in progress, the highway expansion and the Sela Ward Parkway, which Director Hitt believes could be completed by early 2023:

"We are very excited about the investments that are being made in the city. We've got some local business people, as well as those from out of town, that are making investments in our city. It's going to be beneficial to all of us in this region in the near future."

The highway expansion project and Sela Ward parkway have rerouted traffic, causing a slight inconvenience to drivers. Hitt believes the results of both projects will be worth the trouble.

"Certainly, it is an inconvenience for all of us," said Hitt. "I got caught up in some of it last week, but the fact is that it's growing, and there's going to be some inconvenience as we grow. We hope that folks will be patient and watch us grow, and then we can enjoy these benefits in the future."

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