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Queen City Love Story

Queen cities have brought high school sweethearts, Rhonda Porterfield and Pat Garrett, back together after 40 years. Twin States News captured a special moment of the couple sharing their first kiss ever.

Rhonda Porterfield drove 5 hours from Queen City, Texas, for this moment:

"When we talked, and he sent me a copy of his ticket, I started looking into things and saw that Meridian was considered the Queen City. I thought, isn't that weird? I'm coming from Queen City, Texas. I just thought the association was just different. He said that different things have just fallen into place. So, it just gave me a feeling that this is supposed to be."

The sweethearts reconnected through Facebook and had been counting down to this moment for the last month.

"We talked, and I said, you know, I'm not just going to talk to you forever. You know, you're way off in Georgia. What are we going to do?" said Rhonda. "He said I'll come to see you. I said are you serious. He was like, yeah. So, we started planning this trip, and we've been counting the dates down for a whole month. It just makes you feel young again."

Pat Garrett took a twelve-hour train ride from Georgia to Meridian. After three delays, the train's arrival was pushed back two hours. After his long-awaited arrival, the two shared their first kiss.

"It's always been exciting. I mean, we haven't seen each other in about a little over 40 years, so we're excited", explained Pat Garrett.

The two will be spending a week together in Queen City, Texas.

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