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  • Celeste Smith

Quitman School District to host a parent tech academy

The Quitman School District is planning to hold an informational for parents, to help them gain a better understanding on how to assist their students with virtual learning.

The Quitman School District will be holding a Parent Tech Academy on Wednesday, September 23 on each of the district’s school campuses.

That day, three Parent Tech Academies will be held on each campus throughout the day, and each session will be an hour long, one beginning at 9am, another at noon, and the last will begin at 5pm.

Parents attending the parent tech academy will be given information on the virtual learning platforms their student is using, along with information on how to help if their student may be experiencing technical difficulties.

There will be limited spaces available to sign up for each session, to maintain social distancing, and parents will be required to wear a facial covering that covers to mouth and nose when attending the Parent Tech Academy.

“The important thing is that you call your school to put your name to your name down for the time that you want, because we can only do 20 at a time. For parents that do have children that are different grades throughout our district, they can choose one school, so they don’ t have to go to every school that their child attends. So, that will make it easier as well,” said Shelia Radcliffe, Curriculum Coordinator.

The district hopes the Parent Tech Academy will help parents and students as the district continues to utilize virtual learning.

“We just want to make sure that our parents understand how to use those programs, how to monitor their child’s work, and what is expected of them,” said Radcliffe.

The Quitman School District plans to record the parent tech academy sessions, so that parents who were unable to attend can watch them on the district’s website and social media.