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  • Keaundria Milloy

Residents Express Concerns to COVID-19 Spike

Updated: Jun 25

Today, the Mississippi Department of Health has reported 526 new COVID-19 cases with 22 new deaths. This gives the state of Mississippi a total of 23,424 cases and 1,011 deaths.

Some residents believe that people are not following proper precautions laid out by the Centers for Disease Control.

“In Mississippi it seems like people don’t like to wear their masks and people are coming out just to be coming out when they should be coming out for essentials only," says Tamiera Gibbs.

“A lot of people aren’t wearing masks either and they're trying to go into establishments that require you to wear masks and they're trying to argue and fight back," says Aerial Robinson. "Our cases were spiking a lot to begin with and now people are just not caring, so it’s just going to keep going up.”

Simple things, like social distancing and engaging in large crowds or gathering plays a role in cases spiking drastically.

“A lot of people just don’t take the virus as seriously as they used to," Robinson expresses. "It’s basically creating a chain reaction of people getting infected and affecting other people, so on and so forth. A lot of states are now opening and with them opening, a lot of people are beginning to take less care of themselves.”

"I feel the coronavirus cases are going to continue to go up due unnecessary things, says Gibbs. "If they find a cure for the coronavirus it should be over by next year.”

The Mississippi Department of Health says people may not realize they are infected by the virus because they may lack symptoms.

The Department of Health encourages people to continue to follow safety guidelines.

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