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  • Keaundria Milloy

Salvation Army endures back-to-back vandalism in Meridian

Updated: 2 days ago

Just a little over a year as the lieutenant for Salvation Army-Meridian, Tamara Robb has encountered about 15 acts of vandalism during her time serving.

“They were stealing items like our projector for our church, they stole a horn, guitars, air conditioning units, they’ve broken windows," said Robb.

These are just a few items that have come up missing multiple times at approximately 2 in the morning during some of those break-ins. Robb says these are items that she believes could be sold for drugs by people they serve.

“We think it comes from drug use because they sell the items. Sometimes it’s people that we serve so that’s disheartening and frustrating because we know it’s due to drugs.”

To keep a close eye, the army has installed cameras and security systems which leads to high funds. The Salvation Army Family Store will be holding a sale tomorrow to try to regain the money they’ve spent to make repairs for their building.

“The challenge is when they take or steal, we have to replace them. So funds we would use for the community are being used to replace items or repair items.”

Robb says the individual who was caught on camera has bonded out and they are waiting to see when the individual will go to the grand jury.

“It’s just frustrating because the same individual keeps coming and stealing items and if we can’t prosecute and they can’t go to jail, then they’ll continue to do these things.”